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Filing income taxes for the IRS or for any other tax collection agency can be tedious and time consuming, particularly if you run a business. Total Income Tax can help.

Our tax accountants are skilled, knowledgeable and equipped to help all of our Peoria-area customers. In 2009 alone, Total Income Tax prepared more than 3,000 income tax returns, so you can bet we know how to get returns done quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to save you as much time and money possible in the filing process and to make sure all tax codes are followed appropriately. Choose to do taxes the stress-free way!

Need help filing back taxes? You aren’t alone. Back taxes refer to any unpaid tax money owed to the federal, state or local government. Back taxes can accumulate interest and penalties on a regular basis. At Total Income Tax, we can help you file your back taxes quickly, efficiently and privately so you can settle the issue and move on with life. Whether you are filing as an individual or on behalf of a business, Total Income Tax has all the tools necessary to help file your back taxes.

Our Other Specialties

FBARs – Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts

Are you a US citizen, resident or business entity with a financial account(s) in a foreign county—including a bank account, brokerage account, mutual fund, trust fund or any other type of financial account? Has the aggregate amount in the account(s) exceeded $10,000 at any time during the year? If so, you will need to file an FBAR. Consider allowing Total Income Tax to guide you through the process.

ITINs- Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

If you are not eligible to obtain a social security number (SSN), you will still need an identification number in order to file federal taxes. Total Income Tax can help you apply for your ITIN and fulfill this filing requirement.


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